World Premiere of MOTHER featuring Anke Engelke

Green Producing by Sutor Kolonko

Anke Engelka with Producer Ingmar Trost, one ot the real mothers and the team at the world premiere

Carolin Schmitz's docu-fiction MOTHER celebrates its world premiere at the FILMFEST MÜNCHEN 2022Sutor Kolonko acted during the production as green as possible despite the hindrances due to the pandemic situation and travelling in various parts of Germany. To get prepared for green filmmaking they asked to be trained by us.

Bewildering, amusing, insightful: Anke Engelke acts out eight authentic interviews, assembling them into a gigantic mosaic about motherhood.

This film tells of the joy and doubt, the power and powerlessness, the anger and love involved in motherhood. It is at its heart a documentary project: eight women aged between 30 and 75 talk about their lives as mothers. What all these women have in common is their realization that motherhood is a highly ambivalent experience. For the film, these documentary statements are brought together visually in the form of a fictional character portrayed by Anke Engelke. The actress combines the women’s reports into a laconic narrative about the everyday life of a mother.