Great ideas of architects and consultants

At their office in Werk 3, CSMM deliver a "green office" with ambitious design

Nearly 18 million people work in offices in Germany alone. And a good deal of film production takes place there too: from coming up with ideas in one's home office to the development and financing undertaken by producers, as well as the similarly office-based production process. As such, pan-industry topics such as green offices in sustainable buildings are hugely important.

CSMM - architecture matters (former conceptsued° and Modal M)  advise their customers, enabling them to make the right decisions on their commercial real estate and work environment – and helping them turn their ideas into reality. In the process, the architects and consultants combine design, architectural/technical expertise and sustainability with their customers' interests.  In a sponsorship deal with Wilderness International, the consultancy company protects 6,400 square metres of temperate rainforest in Canada every year. They also help their clients with sustainability and climate neutrality when developing or converting commercial properties – a concept that they also put into practice in their new office space in Werk 3 in Munich.

Katja Schwarz supports this development as Sustainability Consultant.