Green Filmmaking at the EcoCup Festival in Moscow

Presentation and launch of the „Crime Scene“ pilot projects results in Russian

9. EcoCup – Filme, die die Zukunft verändern

EcoCup 2018 was a great success! International documentaries and a spectacular supporting programme inspired cinema-goers to work for the preservation of an environment worth living in.

Already for the 9th time the directors Anastasia Laukkanen and Natalja Paramonova organized EcoCup - films that change the future in Moscow and St. Petersburg - to protect the climate, the people, the oceans as well as the fauna and flora. Starting in Moscow, the program will wander through other cities of the Russian Federation.

The films are accompanied by a spectacular supporting programme from Eco Battle to ice hole swimming, from documentary film distribution to a verbal exchange of blows between cooperatives and corporations to Green Film Shooting: Katja Schwarz presented for the first time in Russian the results of the MFG pilot project "Tatort: Fünf Minuten Himmel" (Crime Scene: Five Minutes of Heaven) of the Ziegler film Baden-Baden.

After Birgit Heidsiek had taught the students 2107 sustainable production methods in the VGIK - the Gerassimov Institute - to the students, Katja Schwarz gave a Master Class in the Moskovskaja schkola novogo kino ("New Moscow Film School") on 30 November 2018: This was the official launch of the Russian translation, which interested parties could download under Best Practices on or order from MFG - Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg.

The next day MovieBand invited to a two-day workshop: Katja Schwarz started the event with the possibilities of sustainable production methods with various best-practice examples. The film students Rina Zimmering and Veronika Haffner sent their freshly awarded Climate Clip "The Meeting" to the workshop. Then producer and MovieBand founder Andrej Kovylkin devoted himself to the topic of story telling in non-fiction formats.

The Heinrich Böll Foundation and the Goethe Institute support the festival, and we are proud to be part of the "Diplomacy EU and Russia".