The Ritchie Boys

Book Concept

The Ritchie Boys Film Stills

German Emigrants in US Intelligence; director: Christian Bauer; book Christian Bauer and Rebecca Göpfert

The book has been published in conjunction with the documentary of the same title by Christian Bauer, in April 2005. Gunda Borgeest developed the book concept and sold it together with the literary agent Peter Fritz to Hoffmann and Campe publishers.

The book tells the story of a special unit in the US Army consisting mainly of young Germans who had fled the Nazi regime in Germany and found their new home in America. They wanted to return on the victorious side. At Camp Ritchie, Maryland, they were rigorously trained for the war and from D-Day onwards they were a decisive weapon of the Allied Forces against Hitler-Germany. No one new the enemy better. And they completed their task of reconnaissance and demoralising with great determination.