Einstein - A Genius and his World

A Genius and his World - Book and Film

A. Einstein with more Nobel laureates

Directed by Michael Strauven and Andreas Kleinert, starring Joachim Król

The 90 min. documentary was first broadcast Easter Sunday 21.45 hrs on ARD/First German Public broadcaster. Gunda Borgeest developed the film idea and sold it to RBB (Radio Berlin-Brandenburg).

Moreover the book on the film topic is based on her idea and concept. It was published in March 2005 at Nicolai, Berlin:

A Genius and his World
Author: Gunda Borgeest

Contents (excerpt): Most people consider Einstein more than an important scientist. He became an icon a long time ago. He is the genius per se, and very popular even though most of us do not comprehend his theories. [...] This lushly illustrated book shows the many facettes of his personality - the private person, the scientist and the political activist and cosmopolitan. Once and foremost it shows rare photos of the physicist and composes them to one picture: the first scientist who became a pop star and the individualist who reached his limits when encountering other people, especially women. (source: www.nicolai-verlag.de)