International Film Filmfestival in Berlin

Great idea becomes German policy

Ministerialdirektor Dr. Günter Winands stellt die Nachhaltigkeitspläne der BKM vor


They were announced at the Berlinale 2020 - the impact of our green film making activities launched at Odeon Film in 2010! Now they are becoming official policy: Ministerial Director Dr. Günter Winands heads the first joint initiative between the German government and film production. Minister of State for Culture Prof. Monika Grütters opens the pilot "Initiative 100 Sustainable Productions" with the working group "Green Shooting" founded by MFG. From this she will develop a certificate with the FFA - in addition to the "Blue Angels" of the Federal Environment Agency. We are pleased to have laid the foundations with the catalogue of measures for sustainable media production ten years ago.